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The Winnipeg Early Music Society (WEMS) is an association for like-minded people of all ages who are interested in music of the past, including masterpieces of the medieval, renaissance and baroque eras. Members can learn about early music through instrumental, vocal and dance workshops, master classes with visiting artists, and tapping the expertise of fellow-members. WEMS members get regular opportunities to play or sing in an ensemble setting, and to meet other players of varying ages and skill levels.



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Fees are only $15.00 annually.

Site last updated:  February 19, 2020


                 WEMS upcoming events...

Upcoming events:  Next event is scheduled for March 8th (note date change).  This event is intended as a free for all - everyone is invited to bring along some 4-part music to play through, and we'll just have some fun and maybe make a few discoveries.  All skill levels and instruments welcome.